CIT Program

If you are a teenager, love kids, enjoy a good time and love the
summer camp atmosphere, then the KIDS OF CANADA CIT Program is the
place for you this summer! This year’s CIT program offers more PLAY, more LEADERSHIP opportunities and most of all, more FUN!

Our CIT program is designed with a fantastic balance of 5 primary focuses:

CITs will have the opportunity to learn how to assist our young campers through their daily camp experience. CITs will form and cement relationships with campers while learning how to program for them by creating and running new drills & games.

CITs will participate in Pre-Camp / Weekly workshops that will be divided up into the following discussion topics: Camp policies and procedures, What is leadership? How does someone become a leader? What does it take to be a leader? Other important topics include: how to work with children, how to be a positive role-model, programming & drill creation, and how to be positive, encouraging and friendly while leading our campers.
While following our CIT-developed Code Of Ethics, each CIT will have the opportunity to be placed in a camper group helping to organize campers, run drills and activities, and be a positive role model. CITs will have the opportunity to interact and display responsibility with our campers 3-13 years of age. All CITs will be placed at the discretion of the camp.
We take CIT Placement very seriously at camp and this privilege is only given to CITs who display maturity, responsibility and respect for the camp environment. Successful CITs are those who are up for the challenge of learning, becoming a leader, having fun, working with children, and truly want to be at camp!
Each week, our CITs will participate in 1 planned field trip and will have the opportunity to plan and organize 1 camp event. Some of our past field trips included, Playdium, Harbourfront, Canada’s Wonderland, Bowling & Movie, You’re Fired Ceramic Works and, the most popular, a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT.
Each CIT will receive ongoing verbal performance & progress evaluations throughout their CIT program stay. They will also receive daily or per placement evaluations from the staff and directors. At the end of the summer, each CIT and their parents/guardians will receive a copy of the CIT Final Evaluation. We have the highest of expectations for our CITs whose placements and evaluations are strictly performance & improvement driven. If CITs are hoping to gain future summer employment, full participation in every facet of the CIT program is required.

citday6KIDS OF CANADA is committed to assisting and developing each CIT to their full potential over their 1, 2 or 3 year stay with us. Upon completion of this skill-oriented program, each CIT will be ready to expand their responsibilities and may have the opportunity to become a staff member within our family of summer camps. It is essential that each CIT candidate understands and respects the need for 100% participation and enthusiasm on their part. Initiative, responsibility and a commitment to FUN is required in order to be successful.

For Teenagers 13, 14 & 15 Years of Age (2003 & 2004 & 2005*):

Your CIT Registration Includes:

  • Flexible Scheduling in 2-week increments.
  • Play, Leadership, Programming, Placement, & tons of FUN!
  • Door-to-Door Bussing Available (additional cost, within bussing boundaries)
  • Lunch Program can be purchased through the camp. Menu & pricing will be sent out in June
  • Volunteer Letter of Reference provided for CIT’s in good-standing
    (accepted at some secondary schools as community service hours, varies between schools)

CIT Registration & Acceptance Information Check-List

  1. Please complete on-line Registration Form & submit complete with Photo & HC # to the camp office.
  2. Reference Letter from a Teacher who has known you for more than 1 full school year.
  3. Reference Letter from a Coach who has known you for more than 1 full calendar year.
  4. Reference Letter from an Adult who has known you for more than 5 years.
  5. Copy of CITs Birth Certificate.

Please Note:

  • Each CIT is required to be certified in First-Aid & CPR dated in 2018 (approx. $50).
  • Each CIT is required to submit to a Volunteer Police Screening dated in 2018 (approx. $25-$40).
  • Both Certifications are arranged by the camp office.
  • Costs for both certifications will be incurred by the CIT.
  • Information will be provided in the Spring.

CIT Program Fees & Options:

Regular Camp Pricing Per CIT / Per 2-week Session
With Door-To-Door Bus
Per CIT / Per 2-week Session
Am & Pm Parent/Carpool
1st two-week Session of
CIT Hockey Camp
$1000 $800
2nd two-week Session of
CIT Hockey Camp
$800 $700
two-week Session of
CIT Hockey Camp
$650 $600

*For CIT’s born in 2005, the minimum required time commitment for the CIT Program is 4 weeks.
*Was a Sr. Camper in good standing, who set an excellent example and was a positive Role Model!
*Has been at KIDS OF CANADA for the past 3 consecutive summers

Combo your CIT Program experience between Day Camp & Overnight North