Our Staff

In any camp program, it is truly the staff who make the experience memorable. Having the “right” camp staff is imperative to a successful summer. To be a camp counselor you need to be a very unique and special kind of person. This is not your ordinary city job! It’s a way of life; in a setting where staff work closely with similar people who all have one thing in common – everyone is there for the love of camp! The end product is Camper Approved Fun!

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Whether you’re staff or a camper, camp is a place to be yourself and offer your unique talents for the benefit of others. Our extensive hiring process ensures that your children are cared for by the best of the best!Most of our staff are “home grown” having been with Kids of Canada as campers and then moving up through the ranks to become staff. They know what it takes to provide your children with the same amazing experience they had as campers.

staff4All of our staff have previous experience working with children and are put through a very rigorous ‘Staff Training’. This ensures that they are capable of dealing with any situation that might arise. The Kids Of Canada staff come from all over the world and all walks of life. Everyone is Police screened and certified in First Aid and CPR. University and College students studying to become full time teachers, social workers, child and youth workers and recreational leaders make up the majority of our staff.

We retain over 85% of our staff each year! What does all this mean?
It means that we know how to pick em!