Meals & Accommodations


Our camp menu is designed to combine our camper’s desires with healthy food options. Campers will have a say in their food selection and will also have an opportunity to help create it! With a maximum of 60 campers each week, we are able to offer a more versatile selection of food choices.

When it comes to dining at camp, freshness & health are our primary concern. All of our produce is fresh daily and we shop local whenever possible. Food at camp is a positive process that campers will be a part of and contribute to on a daily basis.

For additional information on weekly menus and food accommodations, please contact the camp office at 416-891-4(FUN) 4386



CabinsWhile at camp, most campers will be staying in our unique ‘Cabin Circle’. A large fire-pit surrounded by 10 cabins in a circle layout with all doors facing the middle.

Each cabin has 8 bunks for a maximum of 6 campers and 2 staff. All have power, lights, screened windows, storage areas and are 10 steps away from the washroom and shower facilities.

Cabin Circle gives us the luxury of being able to keep a watchful eye close to all campers throughout the night. In addition to staff residing in the camper cabins, we also have Night Duty staff. Night Duty begins when campers go to bed and ends when campers wake up. Each cabin is checked every 20-30 minutes in between. Our campers’ safety is our primary concern and should they need anything, we are always available 24 hours a day.

Cabins Bunks