Cappi’s Bait Tackle & Tuck!

Welcome to Cappi’s Bait, Tackle & Tuck!

tuckThe Tuck Shop is a great overnight camp tradition! At Cappi’s, campers will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of healthy (and not so healthy) snack & beverage items. Cappi’s will also have replacement personal items such as a toothbrush, soap and shampoo. Our stock at Cappi’s will constantly change week-to-week based on product availability from our suppliers and requests from the kids.

Tuck will be offered to campers daily and ALL items are sold for $2 each. Campers will be able to purchase a maximum of 2 non-healthy items per day and an unlimited amount of healthy and/or personal items. Written permission will be required for campers to be able to purchase non-healthy items more frequently.

Tuck Money will be submitted upon arrival on at the bus or at camp. All Tuck Shop Monies are to be submitted in Cash. Parents can add money to their child’s Tuck account at anytime via email request. All information will be provided in the Spring Confirmation email that usually comes out late May / Early June.

If you have any other tuck restrictions that you would like put in place for your camper please send an email to the camp office.